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How to Get Premium Back-links to your website

One of the best ways to optimize your site’s search engine presence is to get backlinks from people visiting your site. A backlink is a link to your site that a visitor shares on social media or their own website. It gives credibility to your site as a source of information, and web crawlers look at this quite favourably when they are trying to figure out how high they should rank you.

Of course, people try to create fake backlinks all the time but web crawlers can detect this right away and penalize the offenders heavily for it. Therefore, the backlinks you get need to come from real people that visit your site. The question you might be asking now is how exactly you can create backlinks that are genuine and organic: here’s your answer!

It’s all in the Content!

Well, the first thing that you need to consider is what kind of content you are posting. People are more likely to share content that is interesting, slightly humorous but informative as well, which means that it needs to pertain to something that is of some value to those that would be visiting your site. Hence, you cannot just write comedy material; instead try to make your content important, but light enough that people would want to share it with others.

You should also avoid making your content too much of a gimmick. This puts people off your stuff and makes it seem like you are just in it for the money, which is obviously not the impression you want to create. Keep advertising less invasive and you are sure to get shares.

Another way to give your content a bit of a kick is to have a guest post on your site. This guest would bring new visitors from their own following; visitors that would share based on the author of the post, but since the premium backlinks created would lead to your site this authorship is irrelevant in the long run. You can also guest post on other sites to entice the people that frequent that site into checking out your work on your site, and these new visitors could potentially create even more backlinks for you.

Adding social media sharing buttons to the layout of your site is also a good technique to apply. This would help you to provide your visitors with an easy way to share your content since they would be able to do so with a single click rather than having to copy paste the URL of your page. Convenience matters!

Another thing you can do to enhance the effectiveness of your social media buttons is to provide a call to action that would direct your visitors to them. These calls to action would encourage visitors to share your content if they like it. Often, they just need something to remind them to share what they are reading with their friends. Most of the time, this is quite an efficient way of creating backlinks without being too pushy.

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